Monday, September 1, 2014

Day 1

Sunday 31st August, 2014 (17.00)

And we are off !  As the ship sails out of the harbor we get a breathtaking view of Catania and of the gigantic Etna volcano in the background, partially covered with clouds. We all gather on the decks to enjoy the lasting view, knowing that we will not see land for the next 5 days. As the ship takes course for a 10 hour journey to reach our destination, team members prepare for their shifts. Some of us have their dinner and head for an early sleep. First duty calls start at about 2 am.

[ Music by Pitch Black "Ape to Angel"]


Sunday 31st August, 2014

Seven o’clock in the morning and we start to head down for breakfast in the ship’s lounge. At 9 o’clock we all meet for a safety induction meeting. We are briefed on important health and safety matters: what to wear for the different whereabouts on the ship, where to go in case of an emergency, and how to deal with a man overboard, amongst others.

The mission is planned to set sail at 5 in the afternoon. While preparations are underway, some of us go down town to buy closed shoes to fulfill safety regulations on board, followed by some excellent Sicilian cannoli :) We all meet again at 3:30 pm, this time for the scientific meeting headed by Daniela, who is the Party Chief, and Aaron, who is the Chief Scientist of the mission. We are handed our work schedules and grouped into shifts. Technical procedures are discussed and duties described.

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